General questions

What is Motion?

Motion is a magical and immersive experience that goes beyond your imagination! It is both a colorful playground and surreal lighting show for people of all ages. During the Imagination Experience you step into a world filled with digital light art and imagination. Swing among the clouds, discover different sensations and get lost in your own kaleidoscope. Expect an adventure full of imagination and above all a lot of fun.

What is the difference between Motion and the Imagination Experience?

Motion is the official institute behind the Imagination Experience. Motion’s first experience is called the Imagination Experience.

When can I visit Motion?

Look for our current opening hours in the footer of our website. During school holidays (South region) we are open every day. Please note that we currently allow a maximum of 30 visitors per half hour. Book your ticket and time preference online, so that you are assured of access

Where is Motion located?

Motion is located in the center of Eindhoven, on the second floor of the Piazza shopping center. It is just a few minutes’ walk from the central station.

How do I get there?

Due to its convenient location, a visit to Motion is rather easy, both by car and public transport! Eindhoven station and the central bus station are just a few minutes’ walk away.

If you arrive by car, it is most convenient to use the parking garage at Mathildelaan. If you park at the top floor, you can use the walkway and arrive directly at Motion.

How long does a visit to the Imationation Experience take?

It varies for each guest, but on average a visit to the Imagination Experience lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. It is also possible to enjoy a drink in the lounge before or after the experience.

Is the Imagination Experience guided or can I discover it by myself?

The fun part is that you decide all by yourself how your experience will look like! Get lost in the different worlds, enjoy the light art or take a moment for yourself in a lazy chair in the soothing area. We encourage everyone to discover the Imagination Experience in their own way.

Is the Imagination Experience suitable and appropriate for all ages?

The Imagination Experience is designed for everyone! Visitors of all ages are very welcome. Please note: children up to 12 years old are only allowed to enter the experience under the supervision of at least 1 adult.

Am I allowed to take photos and videos?

YES YES YES! We encourage everyone to take as many photos and videos as they like.  Don’t forget to share them! Use the hashtag #motionexperience.

Can I change outfits while I am at the experience?

No, there are no changing rooms at Motion. Therefore it is not possible to change clothes during your visit.

Can I bring a stroller?

Strollers are certainly allowed at the Imagination Experience. Just keep in mind that there is no official storage space available.

Is Motion accessible with a wheelchair?

We do whatever we can to make Motion accesible for everybody. The Imagination Experience is wheelchair friendly and easily accessible by elevator. Please bear in mind that Motion does not have wheelchair friendly toilets. You can use these toilets in the Piazza, located on the same floor, directly next to Motion.

Are pets allowed?

No, only certified service dogs can enter the experience.

Can I use my museum card to visit Motion?

No, you can’t use the museum card to visit our experience.

Can I use my CJP culture card to visit Motion?

Yes, you can use the CJP culture card to visit our experience.

Can I use my student card to visit Motion?

No, you can’t use the student card to visit our experience.

Are there lockers available?

No, Motion doesn’t have lockers available to store your luggage. Eindhoven station offers lockers to store your luggage or any valuables.

Is there a wardrobe available at Motion?

Yes, there is a wardrobe available. Please keep in mind that it is unattended. Leaving valuables or any other belongings is entirely at your own risk.

How can I get in touch with Motion?

If you have general questions you can mail to info@motionexperience.nl

For all ticket related questions you can mail to support@motionexperience.nl

For press related manners please contact us via pers@motionexperience.nl

Ticket questions

Are tickets transferable?

Tickets for the Imagination Experience are not personal and can be safely transferred to someone else.

My ticket has a starting time. Does it matter if I am a bit later?

Yes, it does matter. Due to the current Dutch RIVM regulations, we can only allow a maximum of 30 new visitors every 30 minutes. To guarantee everbody’s safety, you need to enter the Imagination Experience within these 30 minutes. In case you are later or earlier, we will try to rebook your ticket for another starting time. If this is possible depends on the number of people that is already inside.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

No, only online. Are you already at Motion without tickets? If there are still places available, we are happy to help you book a ticket directly (online). This way you can still gain access.

Covid questions

How does Motion deal with the current covid measures?

We follow the safety regulations and guidelines of the Dutch RIVM. We carefully designed our 1200 m² space to ensure a safe experience for all our visitors.

What else do we do?

We will ensure 1.5 meters between visitors
At all times, visitors must keep a distance of 1.5 meters from other visitors and our employees. Visitors who don’t follow up on these rules, will be requested to leave.

We will provide extra hygiene measures
We disinfect important contact points and clean more frequently. We also have designated stations where visitors can sanitize their hands.

QR-code / COVID pass?

Not required at the moment