Over Motion

Motion is a collective of 3D designers, light artists, interactive designers, composers, storytellers, programmers and AV specialists. Together, their goal is to create a world of light where visitors marvel and feel part of the experience themselves.

The power of working together with so many talents makes for a high pioneering mentality. There is a lot of knowledge and creativity in house to experiment and thus the most beautiful installations are developed.

Light art is not a literal matter. The psychology behind the works and what effect it has on visitors is something that concerns the creators on a daily basis. Continually they are reinventing themselves. Motion means movement, a word Motion stands for.

Founder Bram van der Vorst has been concerned with the applicability of imaging technology and what effect it has on people for 25 years. In order to also let the general public experience in an accessible way what is possible today in the field of digital light projections, Motion was founded. He now leads the collective and gets talents to join Motion.

Head designer Gijs Kusters: “Working at Motion is a continuous challenge. We work with the latest techniques and innovations to give shape to our ideas. This results in creative expressions of our concepts”.

Head of Technology & ICT Tim Riemens: “Technological developments are now so rapid that our possibilities are almost unlimited. At Motion we are always able to try out the applicability of the latest techniques. We experiment with the latest software and explore what we can make with it.”

Concept Designer Maud Peeters: “A whole world is emerging with regard to live experiences. Motion is unique in its kind and really tries to take the visitor out of reality for a moment. The combination of live experience and applicability of technology makes guests wonder. In addition, Motion as a concept is so versatile that the applications are endless.”